Figure 2 : Ascent dynamics of an LBP.

From: Low-buoyancy thermochemical plumes resolve controversy of classical mantle plume concept

Figure 2

(a) Buoyancy as a function of depth for a thermochemical plume containing 15% of eclogite with an initial excess temperature of 450 K in an adiabatic (black line) and subadiabatic (blue line) mantle. The vertical dashed line marks zero buoyancy and the horizontal dashed line marks the top of the thermochemical boundary layer in the lowermost mantle. (bi). Evolution of a thermochemical plume in a subadiabatic mantle with an initial excess temperature of 450 K and an initial volume of 3.71 × 108 km3, that is, best fit model for the Siberian LIP. Colours give the temperature anomaly (deviation from the adiabatic mantle temperature) and solid lines denote the composition. The lines almost merge at the margin of the plume indicating a high compositional gradient. The related surface uplift is shown above each model section.