Figure 1 : Timing of the origin of extant genera in the major lineages of land plants.

From: Extant diversity of bryophytes emerged from successive post-Mesozoic diversification bursts

Figure 1

Stem ages for genera of liverworts (light green; 287 genera), mosses (dark green; 477 genera) and hornworts (bright green, 12 genera; using calibration I, see Supplementary Tables 1–3 for the results with calibrations II and III) as compared with those for lycophytes (yellow; 7 genera), ferns (orange; 106 genera), gymnosperms (purple; 84 genera) and angiosperms (red; 7920 genera) derived from ref. 56. The box for each lineage represents the first and third quartiles, whiskers represent 1.5 the interquartile range, the thick bar is the median and dots are outliers genus with ages outside 1.5 the interquartile range.