Figure 3 : Measurement of the Larmor frequency.

From: Sixfold improved single particle measurement of the magnetic moment of the antiproton

Figure 3

(a) Cumulative measured axial frequency fluctuation Ξz(νrf) for a background measurement and two different spin-flip drive frequencies at νrf,1=52,336,800 Hz and νrf,2=52,336,900 Hz. The blue data points reflect the background measurement, the green and the red points display Ξz(νrf,1) and Ξz(νrf,2), respectively. The solid lines indicate the 68% confidence intervals of the measurements. (b) Statistical significance (Ξz(νrf)−Ξz,back)/(σ(ΔΞz(νrf), ΔΞz,back) for three different background fluctuations Ξz,back and as a function of the number of accumulated measurements. For all frequency determinations which contribute to the g-factor evaluation the experiment was operated under the conditions highlighted by the yellow background, where (Ξz(νrf)−Ξz,back)>3σ(ΔΞz(νrf), ΔΞz,back).