Figure 3 : Demonstration of modified emission spectra in LuHMS.

From: Luminescent hyperbolic metasurfaces

Figure 3

(a,c,e) Evolution of total emission (TotalE) with pump power on linear scale and (b,d,f) log–log plot of total emission as a function of pump power for select wavelengths. (a,b) Control InGaAsP MQW. (c,d) LuHMS excited by pump polarized normal and (e,f) parallel to metacrystal Bloch vector, KB. Significant blue shifting of peak PL occurs in the LuHMS relative to the control MQW, which is attributed to the wavelength dependence of the principal direction of energy propagation in the LuHMS (see Supplementary Fig. 9 and Supplementary Note 4). Additional blue shifting of peak PL occurs in LuHMS under parallel-polarized pumping due to greater pump absorption. The simultaneous dependence of PL on pump polarization and electronic and optical densities of states suggests an avenue for engineering tunable ‘meta-gain’ materials (Supplementary Fig. 14 and Supplementary Note 8).