Figure 2 : Demonstration of extreme PA in LuHMS.

From: Luminescent hyperbolic metasurfaces

Figure 2

(a) Dependence of total emission (TotalE) on pump polarization at emission wavelength of 1,350 nm. Maxima and minima are clearly observed for and pumping, respectively (b) Total PL spectra of the LuHMS for parallel and normal polarized pump. The shape of the spectra differ due to band-filling effects. (c) Pump PA of total emission calculated from b. The pump PA increases with frequency due to band-filling associated with the more efficiently absorbed pump polarization. (d) DOLP of emission for parallel-polarized pump. The DOLP is close to unity, indicating nearly linearly polarized light in the direction parallel to KB. Inset to d shows SEM of nanostructure and definition of polarizations.