Figure 1: LuHMS based on nanostructured Ag/InGaAsP MQW.

From: Luminescent hyperbolic metasurfaces

Figure 1

(a) InGaAsP MQW pillars of 100 nm height and 40 nm width, separated by 40 nm trenches, are defined by EBL and reactive ion etching. (b) Ag is deposited by sputtering, partially filling the trenches to create a multilayer LuHMS with 80 nm period. (c) Optical pumpingof the LuHMS results in collected emission polarized predominantly parallel to the metacrystal Bloch vector, KB. The wavelength of peak emission and PL intensity depend strongly on pump polarization. Emission from the LuHMS blue shifts as the pump polarization changes from to due to increasing pump absorption. In addition, PL spectra of the LuHMS differ significantly from that of control MQW, regardless of pump polarization, due to a wavelength and pump power dependence of the direction of energy propagation on the surface.