Figure 3 : The hydrothermal system of CFc and its signals.

From: Magmas near the critical degassing pressure drive volcanic unrest towards a critical state

Figure 3

(a) Locations of CFc and the main hydrothermal sites: Solfatara and Pisciarelli. (b) Conceptual model of the hydrothermal system feeding the two manifestations: a 4-km-deep zone of magmatic gas accumulation that supplies fluids to a shallower part where they vaporize liquid of meteoric origin to form a 2-km-deep vertical plume of gas14. Previous geochemical investigations based on the stable isotopes of water revealed the presence of typical magmatic waters in the Solfatara fumarole vents50. (c) Temporal evolution of the N2/He ratio at the Solfatara fumaroles. (d) Time series of the CO content in the Solfatara fumaroles. The increasing trend indicates heating of the system, and matches the TOUGH2 (ref. 26) model-derived temperatures (magenta line) exceptionally well.