Figure 4 : Genome evolution.

From: Genome sequence and analysis of the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea nil

Figure 4

(a) Divergence time estimation using BEAST. The scale bar 20.0 corresponds to Myr ago. The node labels indicate estimated divergence times in Myr ago, with estimations from TTOL in parentheses, and the branch labels indicate the clades within the branch. (b) Distribution of Ks values against the corresponding percentage of syntenic genes, comparing I. nil and tomato against kiwifruit. The colours violet, magenta, orange, turquoise, blue, and purple represent the Ks values of I. nil versus I. nil, S. lycopersicum versus S. lycopersicum, I. nil versus S. lycopersicum, A. chinensis versus A. chinensis, S. lycopersicum versus A. chinensis, and I. nil versus A. chinensis respectively. Speciation events among the three species and lineage specific WGDs are highlighted with arrows.