Figure 3 : The CT gene for BR synthesis.

From: Genome sequence and analysis of the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea nil

Figure 3

(a) Eight-day-old seedlings of the wild-type plant and the ct mutants. (b) Structure of the CT gene and its mutant allele. Physical map surrounding the gene (upper), genomic structure (middle) and the transposon insertion site (lower) are presented. Blue and purple bars on the physical map indicate the positions of the predicted genes with forward and reverse orientations respectively. Blue and green hexagons indicate the orientations of CT and A3 respectively, and RAD indicates the nearest RAD markers. Yellow, blue, and orange boxes are untranslated regions, coding sequences, and transposons respectively. The symbols in the orange boxes are the same as in Fig. 2. (c) Expression of CT in the hypocotyls detected by reverse transcription PCR (RT–PCR).