Figure 5 : Phylogeny and protein architecture of the cell death domain, NACHT.

From: Eukaryotic association module in phage WO genomes from Wolbachia

Figure 5

(a) A BLASTP query of prophage WO’s NACHT region reveals homologues throughout arthropods and crustaceans. (b) Bayesian phylogenetic trees were constructed based on a 271-aa alignment of all homologues with E-value <e−15 and coverage >70% using the cpREV+G model of evolution. To resolve taxa closest to prophage WO, all Daphnia sequences were removed from the alignment and clusters of highly divergent residues (that is, five or more sequential residues with <15% pairwise identity) were trimmed. (c) Trees were reconstructed based on this 262-aa alignment using the LG+G model of evolution. Consensus support values are shown at the nodes. Both trees are unrooted. Chromosomal neighbourhood analyses of available animal genome sequences indicate that animal homologues to the prophage WO protein are on contigs with other animal genes. Scale bar, 1,000 amino acids.