Figure 1 : Phage WO genomes harbour an EAM.

From: Eukaryotic association module in phage WO genomes from Wolbachia

Figure 1

The complete phage WO genome for (a) WOVitA1 was sequenced directly from purified viral particles using high throughput, metagenomic sequencing. The prophage (b) WOVitA1, (c) WOCauB3 and (d) WOCauB2 genomes were reannotated based on sequencing reads obtained from purified particles; complete genomes of WOCauB3 and WOCauB2 were not obtained. Each genome consists of a bacteriophage-like region (recombinase to patatin) and EAM highlighted in white. Grey slash marks indicate illustrative continuation of the genome. Dark blue dots indicate the discovery of the attL and attR sites of the prophage, which adjoin in the packaged WO genome to form attP. Numbers above the open reading frames indicate locus tags. Scale bar, 5,000 base pairs.