Figure 4 : RUST accurately predict experimental footprint densities.

From: Comparative survey of the relative impact of mRNA features on local ribosome profiling read density

Figure 4

Top left panel shows distributions of Pearson’s correlation coefficients for experimental and predicted footprint densities (green and violet) for individual transcripts as well as correlation between two experimental ribo-seq data sets obtained under the same protocol (orange). Correlations were measured only for coding regions of highly expressed transcripts from 120 nucleotides downstream of the start codons to 60 nucleotides upstream of the stop codons. The other panels show experimental (solid grey) and predicted (based on RUST values for the codons –6 to +6 relative to A-site) ribosome densities (broken purple) for five transcripts, corresponding to the first, 10th, 100th, 500th and 714th strongest correlations, the Pearson’s correlation coefficients are indicated. Results displayed are for 'Andreev' data set.