Figure 2 : Evaluation of ribo-seq data sets with RUST.

From: Comparative survey of the relative impact of mRNA features on local ribosome profiling read density

Figure 2

(a) Anatomy of the ribosome footprint displaying position-specific mRNA sequence influence on ribo-seq read density. (b) RUST codon metafootprint profiles of selected ribo-seq and mRNA-seq data sets used in this study. The individual RUST ratio values of 61 sense codons across the mRNA are displayed. The resulting grey area is a superposition of each 61 curves. The corresponding Kullback–Leibler divergence (K–L) is shown in blue. The protocol details for each data set are summarized in Table 1. (c) Heatmap displaying the pairwise similarity of codon RUST ratios at the A-site, as measured by the Pearson’s correlation, for ribo-seq data sets of human (green), yeast (red) and mouse (orange). Also included are human mRNA-seq data (violet). The data sets are indexed by the name of the first author. The clustering was done with Scipy using the ‘Euclidean’ distance metric with ‘single’ linkage.