Table 1: Description of habitation and control sites.

From: Intertidal resource use over millennia enhances forest productivity

IslandSite codeLatitudeLongitudeLidar (L), fire survey (F) and ecological analyses (E)Midden depth (cm)Depth to midden (cm)Continuous habitationTerminal shell midden age range (1 Sigma Cal AD/BC)Evidence of fire
CalvertEjTa1551°39’39 N128°07’09 WL/F/E12015NoAD 1699–1915*Yes
CalvertControl51°39’35 N128°07’18 WL/F/ENANANANANo
CalvertEjTa1451°39’05 N128°07’09 WL/F/E30058YesAD 1325–1344Yes
CalvertControl51°38’49 N128°07’16 WL/F/ENANANANANo
CalvertEjTa0451°39’54 N128°05’53 WL/F/E80053YesAD 1524–1643Yes
CalvertControl51°39’42 N128°05’51 WL/F/ENANANANANo
HecateEjTa1951°39’35 N128°04’11 WL/F/E12050UnclearAD 1247–1274§Yes
HecateControl51°39’31 N128°03’08 WL/F/ENANANANANo
HecateEjTa1351°39’53 N128°04’37 WL/F/E400NAYesAD 196–410Yes
HecateControl51°40’15 N128°04’50 WL/F/ENANANANANo
StarfishEkTa3751°40’59 N128°07’21 WF200NANANAYes
StarfishControl51°40’53 N128°07’13 WFNANANANANo
StarfishEkTa3851°41’08 N128°07’29 WF/E250100NABC 1381–1413Yes
StarfishControl51°41’11 N127°07’23 WF/ENANANANANo
CalvertEjTa0251°38’35 N128°05’14 WL200NANANANA
CalvertEjTa1851°39’2 N128°03’38 WL50NANANANA
CalvertEjTa0651°38’41 N128°04’36 WL50NANANANA
CalvertEjTa1651°39’50 N128°07’03 WLNANANANANA
CalvertEjTa1751°38’36 N128°06’00 WL150NANAAD 1146–1027NA
CalvertEjTa2551°39’44 N128°06’59 WLNANANANANA
CalvertEjTa2651°38’40 N128°05’22 WLNANANANANA
CalvertEkTa0251°40’47 N128°04’38 WL50NANANANA
CalvertEkTa4251°40’47 N128°04’45 WL50NANAAD 1151–1032NA
  1. NA, not applicable.
  2. Shell midden depths were obtained using JMC Sub soil probe/ percussion corer. Depth to shell middens were acquired with soil sampling augers and are used to show the amount of soil accumulation on habitation sites as a proxy for the time since these sites were occupied. Continuous habitation refers to whether or not archaeological records at each site suggest continuous seasonal use from time of occupation. Time since occupation is an age estimate from the top of the shell midden using radiocarbon dates (Calibrated years AD/BC). Evidence of fire corresponds to fire surveys at each site where above-ground fire, was documented.
  3. *Reported in McLaren12.
  4. Mathews (unpublished).
  5. Rahemtulla18.
  6. §UCIAMS 163735.