Figure 7 : Soil nutrients and properties at habitation and control sites.

From: Intertidal resource use over millennia enhances forest productivity

Figure 7

Habitation sites had (a) significantly more basic soils (higher pH) (F=19.55, df=1, P<0.001), (b) significantly higher potassium (K) in control sites (F=5.03, df=1, P=0.032) and (c) significantly higher phosphorous (P) in habitation sites (F=7.01, df=1, P=0.012). There were no significant differences for (d) sulphur (S) (F=1.74, df=1, P=0.196), (e) nitrogen (N) (F=1.56, df=1, P=0.218) and (f) magnesium (Mg) (F=0.63, P=0.432). Coloured circles are mean values and error bars represent s.e. Significantly higher values are denoted by ‘*’.