Figure 4 : Elimination of abnormal cells by apoptosis during blastocyst development.

From: Mouse model of chromosome mosaicism reveals lineage-specific depletion of aneuploid cells and normal developmental potential

Figure 4

(a) Sequential images from a time-lapse series of a 1:1 reversine chimera (control cells in this embryo are labelled with Tomato fluorescent protein), showing apoptosis of a reversine-treated cell (arrow), followed by engulfment of the apoptotic debris into an efferosome by a neighbouring control cell (star). Scale bar, 20 μm. (b) The percentage of blastomeres undergoing apoptosis is significantly increased in the abnormal clone (n=36 embryos, 634 ICM cells, 1,346 TE cells; ***P<0.001; Fisher’s test) Error bars represent s.e.m. (c) Sister blastomeres (n=321 pairs) are more likely to have similar fates than would be expected by chance (**P<0.01 and ***P<0.001; binomial test).