Figure 1 : Reversine treatment induces aneuploidy in mouse embryos.

From: Mouse model of chromosome mosaicism reveals lineage-specific depletion of aneuploid cells and normal developmental potential

Figure 1

(a) Uniform aneuploid embryos contain a single identical abnormality in their chromosome status and mosaic aneuploid embryos contain blastomeres with differing chromosome constitutions caused by mitotic error post fertilization. (b) Blastomeres treated with reversine during division (n=81) have significantly greater rates of chromosome missegregation during mitosis than controls (n=72; ***P<0.001, χ2-test). (c) Blastomeres treated with reversine have a shorter metaphase than controls (***P<0.001, Mann–Whitney U-test). These effects are reversible on washout of the drug (n=32). (d) Validation of aneuploidy in reversine-treated embryos, by single-cell genome sequencing. Each circos plot represents the genomic constitution of an embryo in all its cells, with blastomeres presented as rings and the chromosomes as segments. All results of the single-cell genome sequencing are provided in Supplementary Data 1.