Figure 5 : Walking and hanging behaviours for the four mouse strains.

From: Automated home-cage behavioural phenotyping of mice

Figure 5

Average time spent for (a) the 'walking' and (b) 'hanging' behaviours for each of the four strains of mice (n=7 animals for each strain) over a 20-h period. The plots begin at the onset of the dark cycle, which persists for 11 h (indicated by the grey region), followed by 9 h of the light cycle. At every 15 min of the 20-h period, we computed the total time one mouse spent walking or hanging within a 1-h temporal window centred at that current time point. The CAST/EiJ (wild-derived) strain is much more active than the other three strains, as measured by their walking and hanging behaviours. Shaded areas around the curves correspond to 95% confidence intervals and the darker curve corresponds to the mean. The coloured bars indicate the duration when one strain exhibits a statistically significant difference (P<0.01 by analysis of variance with Tukey's post hoc test) with other strains.