Table 1: US universitiesa ranked by licenses executed, together with licensing revenue, life science startups and National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards and funding in 2015

From: Top US universities, institutes for life sciences in 2015

UniversityLicenses and/or options executedGross licensing revenue received ($)StartupsNIH awardsbNIH funding ($)b
Univ. of Washington/Wash. Res. Fdn.28431,417,73312896434,224,865
Univ. of California System248169,724,803664,2431,837,215,703
Univ. of Texas System12848,083,097231,551593,905,525
Stanford Univ.8888,573,23918929422,361,283
Columbia Univ.70181,400,00019899372,199,488
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT)6817,000,00010257100,256,843
New York Univ.53209,000,00012542233,587,462
Univ. of Utah4959,495,09611358135,962,482
Univ. of Massachusetts2431,814,0004415160,477,381
Northwestern Univ.2261,565,3517652268,677,008
Princeton Univ.4136,541,760012744,551,983
  1. aThe University of Wisconsin–Madison also ranked highly in gross licensing revenue but could not provide information specific to life sciences. Source: AUTM, university technology transfer offices, NIH.
  2. bNIH data for fiscal year 2015.