Study day aims to boost campaign funds

A fundraising study day is planned for Friday 19 January 2018 to help boost the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy's (BSDHT's) and British Association of Dental Therapists’ (BADT's) campaign for prescribing exemptions for dental hygienists and therapists.1,2

The BSDHT and BADT are pursuing exemptions to the Medicines Act meaning that dental hygienists and therapists will be able to provide prescription-only medicines, such as local anaesthetic, topical anaesthetic and fluoride varnish, to patients without first having to get a prescription from a dentist.

The upcoming study day, taking place at Beales Hotel in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, will consist of a series of presentations on topics, ranging from the new eCPD to new technologies. The aim of the day is to enhance learning and raise funds to support the exemptions campaign.

The speaker line-up includes some of the UK and Ireland's most respected dental professionals in the field of dental therapy and hygiene, including:

  • Fiona Sandom, immediate past president of the BADT, who will deliver an update on the new eCPD and update the audience on the exemptions campaign

  • Megan Fairhall, dental hygienist at Harley Street Dental Clinic, who will discuss ‘Using social media to challenge the perception of dentistry’, looking at the pros and cons and explaining how social media has elevated her business

  • Juliette Reeves, dental hygienist and nutritionist, who will update delegates’ knowledge on all things related to periodontal disease, including new technologies in the field of laser treatment

  • Dental hygienist Siobhan Kelleher and dental hygienist and therapist Melonie Prebble, who will be providing a combined presentation on ‘Scaling your business’ and share ‘start to finish’ processes of key Cavitron techniques, with a view to building a business with effective communications and systems This session promises audience participation!

Event organiser Melonie Prebble (pictured), said: ‘I decided to host the study to do my bit for the campaign and raise much-needed funds for the cause. This project has brought the hygiene and therapy community together and had such a positive impact on our profession.

‘The aim of the day is to introduce a high calibre panel and blend traditional concepts with new technologies. I have some interesting caries diagnostic technology to share – pending approval – so watch this space!’

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