Monument to Otto Lilienthal


ON Aug. 10 a monument to Otto Lilienthal, the German pioneer of gliding flight, was inaugurated at East Lichterfelde, Berlin, on the mound from which Lilienthal made many of his flights forty years ago. The mound, which was piled up for the purpose by Lilienthal, is some forty-nine feet high, and a photograph taken some years ago shows its sides covered by shrubs and the top surmounted by a small temple-like construction consisting of pillars supporting a slightly sloping round roof. According to the Times for Aug. 10, the mound has now been cleared of the trees and shrubs, while in the monument at the top, and beneath the central opening in the roof, is a silver globe inscribed with particulars of famous flights. The globe is mounted on a basalt block. A photograph of the inauguration of the memorial appeared in the Times for Aug. 11. Lilienthal was a successful engineer and manufacturer. He was born on May 23, 1848, at Anklam and died on Aug. 10,1896, at Rhinow through an accident while gliding. Another monument to Lilienthal was inaugurated at Lichterfelde in 1914. This consists of a stone pyramid, bearing on one side a bust and on the summit a figure of a man with outstretched arms supporting a pair of wings.

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