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Bloating and Abdominal Distension: Old Misconceptions and Current Knowledge: Learn More From Dr. Juan Malagelada
Juan R. Malagelada, MD, explains the definitions and mechanisms of bloating and distension, how visceral hypersensitivity heightens patient sensation of bloating, and what treatments work best for persistent gas and bloating. (17:58)p>

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ACG and CAG Clinical Guideline: Management of Dyspepsia: Learn More From Dr. Paul Moayyedi
Paul Moayyedi, MB, ChB, PhD, MPH, FACG, co-author of new guidelines on management of dyspepsia, discusses the evolving definition and diagnosis of dyspepsia, when and when not to use endoscopy, and how H. pylori factors into dyspepsia treatment. (30:14)

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Early Aggressive Hydration Hastens Clinical Improvement in Mild Acute Pancreatitis: Learn More From Dr. James Buxbaum
James L. Buxbaum, MD, discusses the controversies surrounding aggressive fluid hydration in acute pancreatitis, why lactated ringer’s solution may be superior to normal saline, and how a weight-based fluid infusion approach can help prevent fluid overload during hydration. (14:08)

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Inferior Cava Vein Syndrome and Heart Compression Due to a Giant Liver Cyst
(From Pau Bosch Nicolau, José Luís Lázaro, Lluis Viladomiu, Xavier Merino Casabiel and Mar Riveiro-Barciela, see pages 984.)