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Do Primary Care Provider Strategies Improve Patient Participation in CRC Screening? Learn More From Dr. Nancy Baxter on the AJG Podcast
Nancy N. Baxter MD, PhD, author of research on primary care provider (PCP) strategies to increase colorectal cancer screening participation, discusses the various strategies reported by PCPs in this study, and why combining multiple strategies led to highest participation. (19:34)

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Aspiration Therapy for Weight Loss: Is the Squeeze Worth the Juice?: Learn More From Dr. Patrick Okolo on the AJG Podcast
Patrick Okolo, MD, author of an editorial commenting on recently published research into the AspireAssist device, speaks with AJG co-Editor in Chief Dr. Brian Lacy about the difficulty faced by some obese patients losing weight through diet and exercise, the rise in bariatric surgery as a promising treatment for these patients, and the mechanisms of the AspireAssist device studied in the original article by Thompson, et al. The pros and cons bariatric surgery and aspiration therapy in particular are discussed. (18:27)

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Endoscopic Submucosal Resection: A Novel Technique for Resection of a Small Gastric Stromal Tumor from the Muscularis Propria
(From Lianyong Li, Sarah Cristofaro, Xiaojiang Zhou, Lin Xu, Changmin Qu, Shuwen Liang and Qiang Cai, see pages 679.)