China coronavirus latest: How quickly does the virus spread?

Updates on the respiratory illness that has infected thousands of people.


  • Pure spin currents are simultaneously generated and detected electrically through sub-terahertz magnons in the antiferromagnetic insulator Cr2O3, demonstrating the potential of magnon excitations in antiferromagnets for high-frequency spintronic devices.

    • Junxue Li
    • C. Blake Wilson
    • Jing Shi
  • Flash Joule heating of inexpensive carbon sources is used to produce gram-scale quantities of high-quality graphene in under a second, without the need for a furnace, solvents or reactive gases.

    • Duy X. Luong
    • Ksenia V. Bets
    • James M. Tour
Materials science

Materials science

The materials that will give rise to the industries of the future are taking shape in laboratories around the world, but how many of them will get to market?
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